Monday, November 1, 2010

Interior Design: Trend Forecast 2011

Design, just like fashion, is all about looking forward to upcoming trends. Fabrics, upholstery, furniture and paint colors change every season. For 2011, a lot of the color trends are fashion inspired. From light pastels to bold colors, upcoming trends are spanning many different styles, such as eclectic or traditional. You can find your perfect style match with any of these colors. When you know what the next great thing will be, your design will be ahead of the rest.

Trend to note: Natural Inspiration

The “green” movement isn't limited to promoting environmental friendliness; nature is also helping to inspire new color trends. Nature has always been a source of inspiration for design, but now it is really a great source from which to choose colors.

A great amount of inspiration for color is coming from the Earth, like that of mossy greens and botanical inspired bright colors. Dark greens, purples, reds and yellows are going to be popular in the coming season. Along with these vibrant colors come neutrals that are a perfect way to subdue that pop of color. To accent any of these colors in your space, you can also use natural printed fabrics, like that of an animal print or a leaf or floral design.

The main point of this nature-inspired trend is to have balance between your space and the outdoors. By mixing these neutrals and pops of color, your space will mimic nature in a way that is comforting as well as chic!

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