Friday, May 20, 2011

Inexpensive Summer Updates

Looking for tips on how to update a tired space for the summer season? There are many options that are cheap and easy to install in your space that will give it life for the upcoming warm season. Here are some tips on how to lively up your space:

1. Add color: Adding color is always the best way to add life to a space, no matter how it is incorporated. Painting can be tough to do in a leased space, so get creative and make some artwork to decorate your walls. No time for painting? Buy a decorative frame and fill it with greenery or a vintage scarf you find at a local shop or flea market.
2. Bring the outdoors in: Incorporating outdoor elements can bring a breath of fresh air to the indoors. Fresh flowers are always an obvious choice, but they can be pricey for the little amount of time they last. Fake flowers are a great alternative for they give the same amount of liveliness to the space. Love flowers more for fragrance than beauty? Diffusers are a great way to give great fragrance and elegance to a space.
3. Change out your decorative elements: Adding new decorative elements in your space can emphasis the changing of seasons. Summer brings out a lot of bright colors, so reflect them in your decorations. Bright blue or green vases will add interest and mimic the colors outdoors. Changing out your kitchenware is a great way to bring out the feel of summer as well. Fill your cabinets with cheap, bright cups and plates that will make you feel like hosting an outdoor summer party.

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