Thursday, October 20, 2011


High-tops Aren't Just for Kids Anymore!

Okay, let’s face it: the new synonym for college is broke. Broke as a JOKE. So as we all venture on this 4 year (or probably longer because let’s face it we aren’t all going to strike it rich anytime soon...or at least I won’t be!) journey of just barely getting by and “making it work”, I’ve decided to step in and try to make things as easy as possible on everyone’s wallet! Here I’ll share with you the DIY’s and looks for less that I deem necessary for survival in this struggle I like to call “life”.

So to make it clear, I am all for saving whenever I can and spending as little as possible on everything I buy. I’ve become quite the savvy shopper and ebay-er and I look for a deal even when there usually isn’t one. So, I am happy to present to you all a flurry of DIY’s that are actually worth your time and many a look for less so we are all able to be just as stylish as when we didn’t actually have real bills to pay.

The Look: Olivia Palermo , street-style

For Less:

Since I work at Forever 21, I'm usually pretty up to date on the stock we receive, what we get a lot of and what sells out fast. So, naturally, this is the store I turn to first when I'm shopping because it's convenient and affordable. So just to start out, most of this outfit is from Forever 21, but I'll try to focus on a different store for each outfit.

So, it is my pleasure to present this lovely look to you, the complete package, the whole she-bang, for under $150!

1. Forever 21 Cropped Knit Blazer, $29.80 in Navy

2. Forever 21 Oversize V-Neck Tee, $9.80 in Cream

3. Forever 21 Cuffed Cotton Capri w/ Belt, $22.80 in Light Olive

4. Forever 21 Contrast High Top Sneakers, $14.50 in Navy

5. Forever 21 Anchor Chain Bracelet, $10.80 in Gold

6. Aldo "Teem" Tote, $55.00 in Cognac

Your Total Cost: $142.70

Olivia’s Cost for her Hermes Birkin Bag at the discounted OUTLET price: still $589 (with the regular price ranging anywhere from $9,000 - $150,000 according to the materials used).


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