Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Get in the Holiday Spirit with Hanson

Any chance you're a fan of Hanson's Snowed In (1997)?

If you are, then we have gotten wind of quite the treat for the ears, especially after finals. To get everyone further in the holiday spirit, the Hanson brothers aired a live special on Dec. 11 "Merry Christmas and a HANSON New Year: The Christmas Special."

Luckily, the special can still be watched over at the alive section of the band's website for all of us who love the holidays as much as these men. We must note that on top of featuring live performances of Hanson's classic Christmas tracks the special also includes an appearance by among more surprises.

For more Christmas goodness, check out this recent blogpost by the band of them in their favorite Christmas sweaters.

If you want, comment and share a holiday story or send in a pic of you in your Christmas sweater.

Happy Holidays!

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