Friday, October 29, 2010

Have a Spooky Sunday

Now that Halloween weekend is here (and since the big day falls on a Sunday this year), VIM thought we'd provide you with our top picks of the holiday's classics to watch with friends once that pesky homework is out of the way. Check 'em out below [in no particular order].

1. Halloween
Halloween is perhaps the freakiest horror film of its time and one of the best examples of the genre. Not necessarily for the faint of heart.

2. Hocus Pocus
Do we really have to explain why Hocus Pocus just plain rocks?

3. Nightmare on Elm Street
If being killed by the man inside your dreams doesn't scare you even a little bit, we don't know what will. This classic tale about Freddy Krueger has both 80s and modern versions available for rent, each of which are equally scary. Plus, the 80s version was one of Johnny Depp's first films, so it's worth it for that reason alone. Definitely check out Nightmare on Elm Street.

4. Casper
"You know that tingly feeling you get when your foot falls asleep? I think I'm made of that..." claims Casper the friendly ghost in this Steven Spielberg-produced Halloween masterpiece.

5. Sleepaway Camp
We don't even know where to begin with Sleepaway Camp. Perhaps one of the most underrated, strangest horror films of all time. The boundaries that this film both crosses and brings to light are just out there enough to provide entertainment on their own. You'll never think of summer camp in the same way.

6. Scream
Scream made the list in part because it was a new sensation while we were growing up and in part because the newest installment (Scream 4) was filmed in Michigan.

Happy Screaming!

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