Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Spartans, What is Your Profession?!"

These are oft uttered words on the Michigan State University campus, as many of us Spartans know. This Homecoming they meant a little bit more.

The 300 star himself, Gerard Butler, who plays King Leonidas in the flick, visited MSU's campus and made an appearance not only on the football field, but at this year's Midnight Madness for the 2010 NCAA Men's Basketball season kickoff AND on the local bar and restaurant scene.

Above is a photo of the actor on the sidelines before he spoke those five powerful words at today's game. Athletic Director Mark Hollis claims the Scottish actor declared today "one of the greatest days in his life."

On another note, congratulations to the Spartans on their first 7-0 streak since 1966. Go Green! We hope everyone had a safe and happy homecoming.

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