Saturday, July 24, 2010

Girls' Night Movie Guide

After all of the rainy summer days brought our way, we thought we'd offer up a list of our favorite movies to watch on any given girls' night in, so grab some popcorn and start your slumber party.

Funny Face

A true classic starring the wonderful Audrey Hepburn. This musical about modeling goes behind the scenes of the art of fashion and is set in gorgeous Paris, France. If that isn't enough, this film sees Hepburn paired with the infamous Fred Astaire.

A League of Their Own

Baseball played by... women? With an all-star cast, including Madonna and Tom Hanks, and some of the most hilarious lines ever uttered, this is a must see (if you haven't already). Not to mention it is an empowering flick for the female population.
"There's no crying in baseball." Thanks for that one, Mr. Hanks.

Now & Then

Where to even begin with this amazingly underrated movie experience. We like to think of these girls as the original fearless foursome (to be followed by the ladies of SATC, the Sisterhood and countless other four-part friendships). If you've never seen this, or at least haven't in a long while, get the girls together and enjoy!


"Uh, as if (!)" you don't already watch this whenever it graces your television. A film that spawned countless stars (Donald Faison, Paul Rudd and Brittany Murphy anyone?) as well as catchphrases. Take a trip back to 1995 and laugh hysterically... even if just at the clothes.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

We chose this cult classic to round out our list because, to be honest, it never gets old. Apart from its stellar cast, this movie takes a serious stab at the world of beauty pageants in a way that is almost a million times better than another female favorite, Miss Congeniality.

**Honorable mention goes to the following flicks: The Breakfast Club, Grease, Mean Girls and Whatever It Takes

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