Saturday, August 28, 2010

VIM Pick: Best Read of the Summer

Summer is always a great time for relaxing on those lazy days and catching up on reading that you've meant to do but just can't find the time during the school year. Naturally, we VIM staffers did a lot of that this past summer and wanted to share our favorite read with you:

Chelsea Handler's collection of one-night stands, My Horizontal Life, is just plain hilarious. All of Handler's books are written effortlessly. One can tell she really has knack for storytelling and often comes off much like Judy Blume, a childhood fave of many. Beyond the writing, My Horizontal Life is really great in that you can pick it up at anytime or even read the chapters out of order as it is designed in a series of short stories of Handler's pre-comedian life. Trust us, it's colorful.

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