Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jac Vanek Bracelets

Jac Vanek began her career as teen due to an interest in music and the "scene" culture that surrounds the business. Slowly, the now 21-year-old, who also models and is involved in photography, became an Internet sensation. The rest is history.

Collaborations with musicals artists Miley Cyrus (below), Boys Like Girls, Paramore and Cobra Starship have further helped put this young designer's style on the map. Most of her bracelet products are priced at $10 and Vanek offers clothing and other merchandise on her site. Further, Vanek often works with social, not-for-profit causes. To learn more about the brand and the woman behind it (or to purchase) click here. We at VIM find these products fun and semi-inspirational (like Carpe Diem above) for the free spirit in all of us.

Lady Gaga and Aaron Carter showing their support for NOH8, each wearing Vanek

It's All Good Miley bracelet

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