Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Movie Review: Eat Pray Love

If there seems to be one message shouting at you from this film it is: Find yourself! (And see the world from multiple perspectives while doing so.) That message in and of itself is a great one. The book remains unread by some on our staff but that does not mean that the film is not appreciated. For those who have traveled to even one of the three destinations on Liz Gilbert's (Julia Roberts) list, it stands as a gorgeous testament to the beautiful countries. For those who have loved and lost and loved again, it does the same. For everyone in between, it gives a glimpse into some aspect of the kind of person many of us aspire to be. All things aside, this worldwide best-seller translates nicely to the big screen but does not pack enough punch or is too slow-moving to deeply satisfy its audience, despite some truly fantastic performances and heartwarming moments.
Best on-screen moment: Any part with Ketut - the wise, inspirational, Balinese guru who is 101- or 64-years-old... he can't remember.

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