Thursday, August 5, 2010

Movie Review: Charlie St. Cloud

Okay, first off, could Zac Efron be any more gorgeous?! (Insert Chandler Bing reference here.) We don't think so. That aside, this film was quite compelling and the man has some serious acting chops. Charlie was definitely not as Nicholas Sparks-y as we thought it seemed going into it... I mean, check out the trailer... nor was it as good as we thought it looked. Fortunately, though Burr Steers' directing was lack-luster, the story - originally penned by author Ben Sherwood - provides enough of a twist to hook audiences right at the point where they may have been lost. The cast could not quite save this one and Zac will definitely portray better roles, eventually, but if you enjoy finding out the "meaning of life" and a little cheese now and then (and lots of gazing into Mr. Efron's piercing blue eyes), then you should check this film out.
Best on-screen moment: Charlie's (Efron) "justification" for assaulting an old classmate/the fact that it happened at all (it was kind of refreshing to see Efron punch someone, do something "manly").

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